Quality is our prime goal. 

We specialize in on-time delivery and will do everything possible to complete a project on time. 

Athletic Fields - Common Areas - Polo Fields 

  • All Grasses available as Sod - Rolled Sod - Sprigs 

Golf Course Services 

  • Planting greens with Sprigs or Sod
  • Conventional machine sprig-planting - Fairways - Roughs 
  • Sod to Sprig planting 
  • Hand-planting of features

South Florida Grassing has its own delivery vehicles

Delivery with Fork lift available!

Washed sprigs are available.

Exporting of all products

Phytosanitary certificates, loading of reefers. 

Seeding Services Available 

South Florida Grassing has been seeding in Florida since 1964 for Developers - Private Individuals - Farms - Horse Paddocks - DOT work - Corp of Engineers - Municipalities - Polo Fields 

Please call us with your specifications for all grassing projects. 

Minimum 2 Acres 

1/2 hour to Port of Palm Beach 

2 hours to Port of Miami 



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