Specialty Grasses



 Easily maintained variety with good roll and fast recovery.


TifEagle Ultra dwarf 

Is the best variety for those courses desiring fast non-grainy greens. 
Sold under license from the University of Georgia.


De Anza Zoysia

Is a licensed grass from the University of California. DeAnza is a medium to
small leaf Zoysia with great shade and drought properties. DeAnza was the number one medium blade Zoysia tested in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program at Gainsville, FL 1997-2002.
Accepting of shade, heat, drought, saline soils, and close mowing, De Anza zoysia also has the blue-green color of bluegrass, and fine, firm texture.
It offers the fastest coverage. De Anza requires less maintenance and stays green longer into the fall than other types of warm-season grasses.

  • Stiff, upright leaf blades offers superior wear tolerance.
  • Provides a low-growing, dense stand of turf without the thatch associated with other warm-season turfgrasses.
  • Dense growth habit provides a weed-free, carpet-like cushion.
  • Spreads rapidly for quick establishment and recovery from injury.
  • Withstands heat, drought, shade, and saline water and soils.
  • Requires up to one-third less water, fertilizer, and herbicides than other warm- season grasses.
  • Needs up to one-third less mowing and edging than other warm season grasses.
  • Retains blue-green color longer into the fall than Emerald, Belair, or Meyer.
  • Holds up to close mowing

Sea Shore Paspalum ( high salt tolerant grass )


Sea Isle I 


Supreme Paspalum